My Story


It seems ironic that I have been involved in roles of spiritual leadership. Despite having grown up in a Christian home and following Jesus from a young age, I was an ordinary woman, reluctant to even hint of my interest in spiritual things. However, God had other ideas! Orchestrating people and circumstances, he took my family to the West Texas desert where he thrust me into leadership in a small ministry in my church. After a move to Dallas, God revealed my calling in surprising ways, eventually arranging opportunities for me to both write and teach Bible studies to women. I have spoken in unexpected places and trained countless leaders. I am still shocked that I worked on two church staffs. It is solely by God's grace that he has used an very ordinary women in such amazing situations. 

To Ordinary Women

Are you a reluctant leader, as I was? Or maybe you feel unprepared and equipped to be a leader? Would you like to teach but fell intimidated by videos of amazing and gifted teachers?

I founded Beyond Ordinary Women Ministries to help you in ways that I needed to grow as a leader. We offer articles on our blog, low-cost Bible studies for you to use in your church or small group, and free video training for leaders of small groups, Bible teachers, or ministry leaders. Please contact me to share your needs. I would love to hear what training or resources would help you.

Let me know how we can help!